Software Reference Limited published some books in the 2000s. Copies are still available. Contact us for details.

Netiquette: Internet etiquette in the age of the blog

Netiquette book

Covers all aspects of Internet etiquette, including email, discussion forums, online auctions, instant messaging and much more.

Suitable for beginners, but even experts will find plenty to make them think. At once prescriptive and pragmatic, this book tells you in plain language how everyone would behave in a perfect world, giving you the knowledge to decide how you wish to present yourself online.

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Microsoft® Office Word 2007 Essential Reference for Power Users

Word 2007 Book

This extensive reference manual covers the whole of Microsoft Office Word 2007 in exquisite detail: every dialog box is illustrated and every command (whether or not it is available through the Ribbon) is described and fully cross-referenced.

This is not a ‘how to’ guide, but a serious reference for power users for whom the online help is not detailed enough.

Buy this book if you need quick answers to tricky questions about Word 2007.

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